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Judicial Review - Will you attend in Person?

Dear Friends


As you will no doubt recall, our Suffolk Coastal FOE group has been working hard alongside TASC (Together Against Sizewell C) with the additional help of Stop Sizewell C to prepare all the documents for the Judicial Review of the Secretary of State's decision on Sizewell C. This has involved ongoing consultation over several months with TASC's solicitors, Leigh Day, about the grounds that they are putting forward on our behalf.

After various delays, the dates for the Hearing are now confirmed as follows:

Wednesday 22nd March and Thursday 23rd March.

This is officially a public hearing, so you can either attend in person or ask for the link to listen remotely. It will be held at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, WC2A 2LL. You simply ask in which court room the Hearing will take place when you arrive. TASC have kindly put together the details you will need either to attend or hear remotely, which I am attaching - please note that no recording is allowed.


We have done really well to raise most of the huge sum needed for this JR, but more is required! You will see on attached that you can donate on TASC's Crowd Justice site specifically for this JR. These funds go directly to the solicitors to pay for all the legal work involved. Every little helps. THANK YOU!

WILL YOU ATTEND IN PERSON? If so, please can you let me know as we need people to hold banners for the photo op. The more, the merrier!

We just have to win one of our grounds to succeed. Please send all luck and strong thoughts!

Thank you

Rachel, Coordinator

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