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Sizewell C nuclear power station

In 2021, EDF Energy put in their application to build this vast power station, with two EPR nuclear reactors, with an Access Road right across Sizewell Marshes Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and all within Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and Suffolk's Heritage Coast.  Why have these designations if they're just ignored?  At least 350 ha of our beautiful, tranquil Suffolk Coast would be covered in concrete, woods cut down, badger setts closed, rare plants dug up, bats and birds frightened away.  


Warm thanks to everyone who helped us to raise thousands of pounds to pay experts for their advice and assistance, including a hydrologist, entomologist and botanist.  During the Examination we were able to put together the evidence to help us save our precious wildlife and their habitats.


The Planning Inspectorate, who conducted the Examination, recommended that Sizewell C should not go ahead on environmental grounds and the lack of available water. Despite all our work and this ruling, the Secretary of State gave permission for the development to proceed. We are now working closely with our friends in the group Together Against Sizewell C (TASC) and have been able to raise sufficient funds to make a legal challenge.  Warmest thanks to those of you who helped with this.  Sadly, the Judicial Review did not succeed, but we are talking to our solicitors about the next step.       

Climate change

Our Suffolk coast is rapidly eroding, with up to 1 m lost every year.  This is a serious threat to coastal villages.  We suspect that new hard defences to protect the power stations will make things worse for nearby communities.

We are working with East Suffolk Council to transform planning in the area.  Why haven't all new houses got solar panels on their roofs?  At the very least we'd like to see hedges planted rather than fences.

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